Crystal Bowls – The 13 Cosmic Rays

Its the worlds first digital Collection of Crystal Sound Bowls for the NI Kontakt Player. This unique sample based Synthesizer has powerful Sounddesign features to create vivid and surprising soundscapes as well as warm and organic tones for your compositions. Complex arpeggiator and random functions will help you to be creative.

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Crystal Bowls consist of quartz crystal combined with gemstones and metals. They are played with suede and rubber mallets or by finger. Crystal Bowls are used for sound therapy, healing and meditation, and of course as musical instrument. In the Therapeutic sector crystal bowls represent the healing method of a new era, which works on an information level where Intension and clarity of the bowl player has great importance. The sound of the Crystal Bowls can be heard as rotating, through the room moving sound wave or felt as vibration in the body parts you point at.

The 13 Crystal Bowls

The 13 Crystal Bowls in this software Instrument represent the 13 cosmic rays, which are emitted from the universes Source and can be basically understood as rays of light like the visible rainbow each one of us knows. We focused on the certain quality, color and tone of each ray and added the corresponding crystal bowl tone. The rays feed the human System with energy through the spine into the seven main chakras of the body, so we added the chakra Info as well.
Connecting with the cosmic rays in a meditative way can have great affect in clearing blocks and boundaries and balancing the human system physically, mentally, and emotionally. Beside the therapeutic and spiritual usage of the crystal bowls it is a beautiful musical Instrument you can have great fun with! The short version bowl info in the information tab describes the following facts:

For Example:

Smokey 8″
Note: A
Tone color: blue
Ray : 1st
Quality: wisdom and love
Chakra: Throat

The “Smokey Bowl”  is 8″ wide, is tuned to tone “A” which has according color frequency blue, representing the first ray, which rules wisdom and love. The first ray finds it way to the body through the Throat Chakra.



The Crystal Bowls were recorded by Jan Kalt (Tonstudio Mannheim) Thorsten Hempel, Andreas Jordan, Marcus Friedel at Living Devine.

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